Since 2002, Korchip initiated EDLC(Electric Double Layer Capacitor) business, they spent a lot of efforts into research and development to come up with innovation ideas of STARCAP business. As a result now they have become a specialized manufacturer of EDLC and are leading this market.

Korchip Series Product Features Application Specification

SM/DMS Series

Small size, Surface mounting, Reflow soldering

Mobile Phone , Digital Camera, Smartphone, Tablet, Car Navigation, Audio, Digital Photo Frame, Digital Thermometer

DCS(T)/DCL(T,H) Series

Small size, High capacitance, High reliability

Car Audio, PLC, Printer, Electic Meter, Set Top Box, Taillight (bike), Audio, Rice Cooker, VCR, Boiler contriller


DR/HP Series

Low ESR, High current discharge, High capacitance

Solar sign, Toys, Meter (Water / Gas), Car Black Box, Heating water, Remote Controller, UPS / AVR

DRM/HPM Series

High voltage, Low ESR & LC(HPM)

Wireless device, Meter (Water / Gas), GPS system, Pulse Power Application

DL/DXL Series

High capacitance, High power, High reliability

Solar System, UPS, SAG Protector, Windmill, Elevator, HEV, Hybrid Car, Copy Machine


DA Series

Small size, Automatic insertion, Low ESR

VCR, Audio, DVD RW, DAB, Cooker, Car Audio, Printer, Digital Camera, LCD TV, Boiler Controller


DT Series

Small size, Automatic insertion, Low ESR

Digital Camera, Pulse Transmitters, GPS, PCMCIA modem, Battery, Wireless Device